Seismic hazards on your premises?

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the Canterbury earthquakes, we can not only reflect on the strides we have made as a nation over the past 10 years to become more resilient to seismic risk but also use this time as an opportunity for organisations to look at seismic hazards on their premises that are not related to the strength of the building itself.

Resilient Organisations and the University of Canterbury are currently funded by the Earthquake Commision (EQC) to evaluate what earthquake risk reduction activities are taking place within New Zealand organisations, and what helps and hinders their risk reduction efforts.

We are running a nationwide survey to collect information about what New Zealand organisations are doing to keep people safe at work and invite you to take part. Whether you feel like you have or have not taken enough steps to deal with seismic risk, we need your input to help us build a picture of how well prepared New Zealand is across the board. It will also tell us what is helping or getting in the way of organisations implementing earthquake risk reduction and where improvements can be made.

As part of our research all survey participants will have access to our Earthquake Risk Reduction Best Practice document which will be developed as part of our research and will be available at the end of our project.

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