Tools for measuring and benchmarking organisational resilience

Understanding your organisation's current level of resilience is useful so you know what you need to work on to build your resilience. Our FREE thumbnail tool only takes 5 minutes to complete.

Benchmark Resilience Tool


Measure and benchmark your organisation's resilience against other organisations in the same or related industries.  

It will provide you with a comprehensive report of your organisation's resilience strengths and weakness. The tool can be taken online, or as a paper or phone based survey.


Employee Resilience Tool


This tool measures an employee’s resilience level based on self-assessment of their work attitudes.

The tool can be used for individual self-assessment, organisation-wide employee resilience assessment, and cross-sector employee resilience assessment.  It complements the Benchmark Resilience Tool.


Resilience Thumbnail Tool


Get a quick snapshot of your organisation's current resilience.

The tool is a cut-down version of our Benchmark Resilience Tool. It only takes 5 minutes to complete and will provide a report at the end with your resilience strengths and weaknesses.  It is suitable for small businesses with less than 10 staff.


Resilience Health Check


This free online survey measures how your organisation rates against each of the 13 indicators of resilience. It's designed to facilitate that "aha" moment of insight into the importance of resilience.

The tool has been developed by the Resilience Expert Advisory Group (REAG), for the Attorney-General’s Department in Australia, in partnership with Resilient Organisations. 

Using the Benchmark Resilience Tool for research

We are happy for the tool to be used for academic research and offer it free of charge for these purposes.

Please complete the Benchmark Resilience Tool Application Form before using the tool. The use of the tool is dependent on meeting the terms and conditions as outlined on the application form.

Additional resources


Examples of how the tool can be used as part of a resilience improvement project