Resilience guides for organisations

Building resilience doesn't have to be hard.
Our series of free downloadable booklets are practical guides to help you build your organisation's resilience step by step.

You can read the booklets online, or download the PDF version to print your own copies for you and your organisation.

Printed copies also are available for NZ$3 each or NZ$2.50 each if ordering more than 50  (including postage within NZ). Please contact us directly to order.

If you would like to use our booklets as part of your resilience building initiative, we are happy to custom print your logo on them. Please let us know your requirements and we can provide a quote.

Also, we love to hear whenever our booklet is used, as it helps us to demonstrate to our funders that our work is adding value - drop us an email now.

Resilience within
A short guide to resilience for NGOs

NGOs are crucial in supporting those most in need,  but you can't help others unless you can help yourself - this guide will help you understand and improve your resilience.

Cover your assets
A guide to commercial insurance
Insurance is only useful if the policy delivers what you need, when you need it. This short guide will help you select the right policy, learn how to prepare to use it, and make a claim.
Chaos to teamwork
A leader's role in crisis
Crises often require a new way of interacting, managing and leading. This short guide will help you prepare a crisis leadership team before a crisis event.
Building adaptive resilience
High performing today, agile tomorrow, thriving in the future

This guide covers the four key factors for building adaptive resilience - effective leadership, a culture of valuing staff, a collaborative environment and a genuine commitment to collective learning.

Becoming agile
A guide to building adaptive resilience

Building adaptive resilience in organisations is a long-term process. This booklet outlines the stages in the process, starting with clarifying how resilient your organisation is today, and then moves through a series of activities that foster greater resilience. 

Leading in disaster recovery:
A companion through the chaos

NZ Red Cross have created this pocket book of wisdom from over 100 recovery leaders who share the messages they wish they’d had.  This is your companion through chaos that will connect you with over 100 other people who have walked in similar shoes. If you would like information, please contact  [email protected].

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