Resilience guides for organisations

Building resilience doesn't have to be hard.
Our series of free downloadable booklets are practical guides to help you build your organisation's resilience step by step.

Striving through

In the midst of a crisis? This booklet will help you respond, recovery, and thrive and provides quick, practical advice to help navigate the three stages of the recovery journey.

Staffed or stuffed: Creating resilience through your people

Organisations caring for the wellbeing of their staff are more likely to survive, and to recover faster from disaster. This booklet shows you how to plan and support your staff through a crisis.

Shut happens!: A short guide to preparing for the unexpected

Disruption and adversity are the harsh facts of life for businesses. This booklet shows you simple steps you can take to help your business get through and build your organisation’s resilience.

Seismic Risk Resource for Commercial Building Tenants

As a commercial building tenant, does your building have the seismic resilience needed to meet your organisation’s needs? Check out our new Seismic Risk Resource for Commercial Building Tenants.

Resilience within: A short guide to resilience for NGOs

NGOs are crucial in supporting those most in need, but you can’t help others unless you can help yourself – this guide will help you understand and improve your resilience.

Potable water resilience

This is an industry-specific guide to improving potable water resilience with recommendations to help key players in the water sector understand what they can do differently to improve resilience.

Leading in disaster recovery: A companion through the chaos

NZ Red Cross have created this pocket book of wisdom from over 100 recovery leaders who share the messages they wish they’d had.

Cover your assets: A guide to commercial insurance

Insurance is only useful if the policy delivers what you need and when you need it. This short guide will help you select the right policy, learn how to prepare to use it, and make a claim.

Chaos to teamwork: Leadership in crisis

A short guide to help prepare a crisis leadership team before an event and improve effectiveness during an event.

Building adaptive resilience: High performing today, agile tomorrow, thriving in the future

This booklet presents a framework to help your organisation adapt, survive, and thrive in turbulent environments.

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