Tools for measuring and benchmarking organisational resilience

If you are serious about creating a future-ready resilient organisation, knowing your current strengths and weaknesses can help prioritise your efforts.

Why measure resilience?

It helps with:
  • Developing a resilience culture that improves day-to-day performance
  • Demonstrating the return on investment of resilience building initiatives
  • Identifying and connecting areas of your organisation’s greater and weaker resilience.
  • Showing how your organisation compares to others

What gets measured
gets managed!

How to measure resilience?

For a quick snapshot of your organisation's resilience

The OrgRes Diagnostic FREE online tool gives a brief assessment of your organisation's resilience.

It consists of 13 questions, each relating to one of the 13 indicators of organisational resilience.

The OrgRes Diagnostic has been developed in partnership with the Resilience Expert Advisory Group (REAG) in Australia and Resilient Organisations in New Zealand.

For a more in-depth view of resilience within your organisation

Our Benchmark Resilience Tool and Employee Resilience Tool have been extensively tested and validated over 10 years of research and consulting work.

  • Benchmark Resilience Tool

    This tool will provide a comprehensive report of your organisation's resilience strengths and weaknesses by measuring and benchmarking against other organisations.

    We can work with you to provide a customised structured benchmarking process, including an organisation-wide survey, focus groups, and senior level presentation of results. 

  • Employee Resilience Tool

    This tool measures an employee’s resilience based on a self-assessment of their work attitudes. The tool can be used for individual self-assessment, organisation-wide employee resilience assessment and cross-sector employee resilience assessment. 

    It can be used in conjunction with the Benchmark Resilience Tool.