Tools for measuring and benchmarking organisational resilience

If you are serious about creating a future-ready resilient organisation, knowing your current strengths and weaknesses can help prioritise your efforts.

Why measure your organisation's resilience?

It will help with:

  • developing a resilience culture that improves day-to-day performance
  • demonstrating the return on investment of resilience building initiatives
  • identifying and connecting areas of your organisation's greater and weaker resilience
  • showing how your organisation's resilience compares to others.

Organisational resilience benchmark tool

Our organisational resilience benchmarking tool provides a comprehensive report of an organisation's resilience strengths and weaknesses by measuring and benchmarking against other organisations.

Employee resilience tool

A tool to measure an employee's resilience based on a self-assessment of their work attitudes.

OrgRes Organisational Resilience Tool

A tool to quickly assess your organisation's resilience.
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