Spanish validation of the Benchmark Resilience Tool (short-form version) to evaluate organisational resilience*

Lila Gonçalves, Jose Blas Navarro, Roser Salaa

Safety Science, 2018, published by Elsevier Limited,,2018.09.015


Organisational resilience (OR) is an organisation’s ability to plan, respond to and recover from emergencies and crises. Evaluating resilience allows organisations to increase their level of awareness of the environment as well as their ability to react to threats. However, the research carried out in this field has been mainly theoretical, and there are few quantitative tools to measure it.  The purpose of this study was to adapt and validate the short-form version of the Benchmark Resilience Tool into Spanish language and to explore its relationship with safety climate. A sample of 388 Spanish workers from two highly reliable sectors was used: healthcare and nuclear energy. Internal consistency analyses, test-retests, confirmatory factorial analysis (CFA),exploratory structural equation modelling (ESEM) and invariance analyses across organisation type and sex were performed. We concluded that the instrument fulfils the psychometric criteria to evaluate resilience in healthcare and nuclear organisations in Spain. We briefly discuss the practical implications as well as some of the limitations and recommendations for future research.

*Note, a Spanish version is available.

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