Resourcing the Canterbury rebuild: Emerging issues facing subcontracting businesses

Alice Yan Chang-Richards, Suzanne Wilkinson, Erica Seville, David Brunsdon

Resilient Organisations Research Report 2015/03, May 2015.


This study reports key emerging issues facing subcontracting businesses in late 2014. Following previous resourcing case studies of construction organisations in Christchurch (Chang-Richards et al., 2014)1, this study concentrates on the subcontracting sector. This report is part of the
Resilient Organisations’ resourcing study of subcontracting businesses in Christchurch following the 2010/11 earthquakes. The research findings with regard to the resourcing strategies adopted by Canterbury rebuild subcontractors were reported in Resilient Organisations Research Report
2015/02 (Chang-Richards et al., 2015)2. The case studies, which include interviews from a range of subcontracting businesses, also provide insight into emerging issues facing subcontracting sector, which are presented in this report.

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