Resource availability for roading reconstruction: A Wellington earthquake scenario

Bhesram Singh

University of Auckland, Master’s thesis 2007


The aim of the research was to evaluate the availability of resources for post-disaster reconstruction of the Wellington State Highways. The methodology used in the research was a combination of literature review, three workshops/conferences and 15 interviews. A benchmark of the resources required for reinstatement of the state highways was also established via a resource estimation method uniquely designed to integrate the level of damage to the state highway. The results indicated that post-disaster reconstruction of the Wellington state highway is likely to be constrained by the limitations on seven key (construction) resources in New Zealand: aggregates, reinforcing bars and merchant steel products; cement and concrete; fuel; asphalt pavers; human resources and funding for state highway reconstruction. But availability of resources will influenced by five factors under the constraints of a significant disaster which includes prioritisation of works, ability to pool resources, lead times of procurement, existing contractual relationships and transportation into and around the disaster zone.

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