Proceedings of a workshop on emergency management and social science disaster research in New Zealand

Bruce Glavovic, Kathryn Jones, David Johnston (editors)

Te Papa, Wellington, 6th December 2007


The past decade has seen substantial growth in social/behavioural hazard research in New Zealand and the wider Australasian region. With an increased focus on sustainability and community resilience, there is a compelling need to deepen and extend our knowledge of and understanding about the social science dimension of disasters. Future research would benefit from the alignment of strategic directions and focus, as gaps, overlaps and missed opportunities exist. Much can be gained by a more deliberate effort to share information and improve coordination within the field of social science disaster research, as well as between researchers, policy-makers and emergency management practitioners. To meet this need and explore this issue, representatives from government, social science researchers, funders and practitioners participated in a workshop held on 6 December 2007 at Te Papa in Wellington.

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