Preliminary results from organisational resilience and recovery study,  December 2010

Hlekiwe Kachali, Joanne Stevenson, Zach Whitman, Erica Seville, John Vargo, Tom Wilson

Resilient Organisations Research Report 2010/05


The Resilient Organisations Research Programme and the University of Canterbury are undertaking a longitudinal study to examine the resilience and recovery of organisations within the Canterbury region following the 4 September Canterbury earthquake. The preliminary data suggest the physical, economic and social effects of the earthquake were varied across industry sectors within Canterbury. These preliminary results catalogue organisations’ perceptions of the:

• disruptions to their ability to do business
• challenges faced in the aftermath of the earthquake
• factors that have helped mitigate the effects of the earthquake
• revenue changes and projections for the duration of this change
• financing options for recovery

Download pre-print version of paper

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