Practice update: Building a data integration and visualisation platform for resilience research in New Zealand

Joanne Stevenson, Elora Kay, John Vargo

Australasian Journal of Disaster & Trauma Studies,  July 2018, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p21-26. 6p


This article summarises the process and progress toward developing the New Zealand Resilience Data Integration and Visualisation En Masse Platform, otherwise referred to as DIVE. The DIVE Platform is a prototype for online data cataloguing, sharing, and collaboration. It is being developed to enable integrated and engaged research that will enhance New Zealand's resilience to hazards. The development of this platform is intended to interface with, and supplement, other efforts to integrate data sharing across New Zealand and beyond. Development of a beta prototype for the DIVE Platform has been completed, allowing users to upload relevant metadata into the system through a data entry form. The prototype features the ability to effectively categorise data. It allows for user friendly data searching and the creation of virtual organisations to facilitate collaborative research. Testing of the beta prototype is currently underway, meaning that end users are already interacting with the web-based DIVE prototype. This stage allows them to provide valuable feedback and showcase examples of resilience research emerging within New Zealand. The beta version also enables users to contribute to the ongoing development of the DIVE Platform itself. The current paper concludes with a discussion of challenges surrounding the development of DIVE, alongside plans for the future development of this platform.

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