National Science Challenges: Resilience to nature's challenges short-term project deliverable 4: Multi-capital resilience annotated bibliography

Joanne Stevenson, Alan Kwok, Henrieta Hamilton Skurak, Alistair Davies, Tracy Hatton, Masoud Sajoudi, Mark Codling, Chris Bowie

National Science Challenges: Resilience to nature's challenges. 6/2015


This annotated bibliography provides an initial survey of resilience literature. The authors have assembled thorough critical summaries of approximately 160 papers. The literature assembled for this annotated bibliography is a systematic sample of peer-reviewed and gray literature within specific sub-sets of the resilience literature: highly cited papers covering general reflections on disaster resilience and policy, economic resilience, infrastructure resilience, organisational and institutional resilience, social and community resilience, human and psychological resilience, and social-ecological systems.

The coverage is biased toward highly cited and influential literature in these fields and research perspectives and empirical research developed in New Zealand. The majority of the resources (over 80%) were published between 2000 and 2015, reflecting some bias in the accumulation of resources but also reflecting the proliferation of the resilience concepts across academia and beyond in the last decade and a half.

The bibliography is the collective effort of doctoral students and emerging researchers working across a number of fields in New Zealand. While this resource is not comprehensive, it has and should continue to facilitate trans-disciplinary thinking and discussion and serve as a literature primer for holistic approaches to disaster resilience research and practice.

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