Knowledge management and tourism recovery (de)marketing: The Christchurch earthquakes 2010-2011

Caroline Orchiston, James Higham

Current Issues in Tourism, published by Taylor & Francis (Routledge)


New Zealand has a history of deadly earthquakes, the most recent of which in Christchurch (2010-2011) has had major consequences for the tourism sector. Tourism destinations affected by major natural disasters face significant challenges during the response and recovery phases. Christchurch lost a large proportion of its lifelines infrastructure and accommodation capacity, and experienced an unprecedented drop in domestic and international visitor arrivals. The theoretical frameworks informing this paper come from the fields of tourism disaster planning, knowledge management and recovery marketing. They inform an empirical study that draws upon qualitative expert interviews with national and regional destination management organisations regarding their experience of the Christchurch earthquakes. The findings of this research highlight the critical importance of knowledge management and effective inter-agency collaboration and communication in the immediate disaster response, as well as during the development and implementation of (de)marketing strategies, in order to expedite medium to long-term tourism recovery.

Full article available here.


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