Identifying factors affecting resource availability for post-disaster reconstruction: A case study in China

Yan Chang, Suzanne Wilkinson, Regan Potangaroa, Erica Seville (2011)

Construction Management and Economics, 29(1), 37-48


The availability of resources allows for the rapid and cost-effective delivery of a construction project. For rebuilding programs after a disaster, the need for better understanding of factors affecting resource availability and their potential impacts on resourcing outcomes can be of crucial importance to desirable reconstruction performance. This research attempts to empirically identify the critical factors affecting resource availability for post-disaster reconstruction projects. The results show that the top ten factors with significant influence on resource availability in post-disaster situations are: legislation and policy, project schedule, competency of resourcing manager, qualification of contractor, project resourcing plan, quantity of resources required, resource procurement lead time, general economic environment and resource transportation cost and method. This ranking hierarchy helps draw attention to areas in which policy makers and reconstruction practitioners should make efforts to ensure resource available for post-disaster rebuilding projects.

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