Employee Resilience Scale (EmpRes) Measurement Properties

Katharina Näswall, Joana Kuntz , Morgana Hodliffe, Sanna Malinen

Resilient Organisations Research Report 2015/04, August 2015.


Research suggests that individuals who are more resilient cope better with change. However, an employee-centric measure of resilience to enable the empirical investigation of resilience on the employee level has only recently been developed. The present report presents the revised version of the Employee Resilience (EmpRes) scale developed by Näswall, Kuntz, Hodliffe, and Malinen in 2013.

The purpose of this scale is for organisations to use the scale to monitor resilience levels in their staff, and identify areas contributing to the development of employee resilience. The scale can also be used by researchers examining links between employee resilience and other theoretically and practically relevant constructs.

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