Economic recovery: Enabling comparative research on COVID-19 - Research agenda-setting paper

Stephanie E Chang, Charlotte Brown, Noah Dormady, John Handmer, Yoshio Kajitani, Adriana Keating, Adam Rose, Maria Watson, Anne Wein, Norihiko Yamano

CONVERGE COVID-19 Working groups for public health and social sciences research, June 2020


The global nature of COVID-19 presents some unprecedented opportunities for cross-cultural research, which can help us to better understand the impacts of culture, public policy and resilience on economic recovery.  Charlotte Brown is part of an international working group, convened through the CONVERGE  centre, that has developed a research agenda for economic recovery research.  The short paper produced  outlines the research methods and principles from natural hazard research we can apply to research related to COVID-19, as well as the notable differences and challenges.

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