Developing a hazard risk assessment Framework for the New Zealand State Highway Network

Erica Seville & Joseph Metcalfe, University of Canterbury

Land Transport New Zealand Research Report 276, 2005, ISBN 0-478-25387-7


Designing a comprehensive risk management framework for networked systems, such as the road network, presents significant challenges. The
framework for assessing risk needs to strike an appropriate balance between capturing the complexities of hazard impacts on road network reliability, and ensuring that the framework is cost-effective, achievable, and likely to be taken up and used by those people actively managing the road network. This report, summarising research undertaking in 2003/04, suggests a framework for meeting these challenges in assessing road closure risks to the State Highway network. The framework uses a walk-through scenario approach, where hazard events throughout New Zealand are randomly simulated over a long time scale, giving a simulated data set for probabilistic analysis of total risk. In addition, this report provides a summary of relevant hazard data available in New Zealand at the present time, and data that is expected to become available within the next few years. The report also provides an overview of socio-economic impacts of road closures that could be captured in the assessment, including a suggested approach for estimating secondary economic effects of transportation disruption.

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