GUIDE: Building adaptive resilience - High performing today, agile tomorrow, thriving in the future

Bernard Walker, Venkataraman Nilakant, Kate van Heugten, Joana Kuntz, Sanna Malinen, Katharina Naswall, Rosemary Baird, Herb de Vries

Key findings from the Building Resilient Infrastructure Organisations Project

Are you ready?

Management experts agree that business environments around the world are likely to become more volatile, uncertain and complex in coming years. New Zealand organisations are no exception. Sudden market shifts, turmoil in international politics, rapid technological advances, and climate change all combine to create a turbulent and unpredictable business environment. The strategies and practices that have made organisations successful until now probably will not be effective in the future. What does your organisation need to be successful in a volatile, unsettled environment?

This booklet gives findings from a major, three-year study of New Zealand organisations that have had to cope with major change. It presents a framework for the future that can help your organisation to adapt, survive, and thrive in turbulent environments. This approach is based on developing a critically important attribute – adaptive resilience.

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