Bay of Plenty Lifelines Group resilience benchmark report

Report prepared by Charlotte Brown, Erica Seville, John Vargo

Resilient Organisations Research Report 2014/06, September 2014

Executive summary

Resilience is important for any organisation, but where the organisation provides a critical lifeline service to the community, the importance of continuity of service is even more crucial. The Bay of Plenty Lifelines Group (BOPLG) is made up of utilities providing critical infrastructure to support the Bay of Plenty region. There has been considerable effort over many years within lifeline groups across New Zealand to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure assets and networks. Under the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002, each lifeline utility is required to restore services to the fullest possible extent, during and after an emergency. To enable this, utility authorities are also required to participate in emergency management planning. The BOPLG identified a gap, in that there has traditionally been less focus on the resilience of the organisations that own, operate and maintain that infrastructure.

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