A primer in resiliency: Seven principles for managing the unexpected

Erica Seville, Debra Van Opstal, John Vargo

Global Business and Organisational Excellence: A Review of Research & Best Practices. Volume 34, Issue 3, 5-100, March/April 2015 doi.org/10.1002/joe.21600


For business organizations, the ability to manage volatility is a crucial strategic competency, one of the pillars of competitiveness. Contrary to conventional perception, resilience is not just about minimizing and managing the impact of natural disasters. It is about creating the agility needed to adapt to unexpected challenges—whatever they may be —and the capacity to seize opportunity from adversity. This analysis of seven principles of resiliency includes practical suggestions for implementing each one, along with examples of companies that have managed to improve their operational effectiveness, even in time of crisis, by putting these precepts into practice.
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