Risk & resilience research

We design and deliver high-quality research and analysis investigating practical risk and resilience challenges.

We also contribute to building knowledge through government-funded research programmes.

Risk & resilience research services

We can help with:

Decision making under deep uncertainty

Organisational resilience

Crisis response and recovery

Disaster risk reduction

Resilience measurement

Risk management

Economic evaluation

Research communication

Our research spans private industry-led research investigating immediate practical challenges facing industry, through to creating innovative knowledge through programmes like the National Science Challenges and QuakeCoRE.

We know the importance of diverse thinking in research projects. We are skilled at working with multi-disciplinary research teams and have a wide network of collaborators to ensure the best people are working on projects.

We pride ourselves on clear and effective communication of research to industry and practitioners. We produce and translate high-quality research into clear and concise reports, presentations, and products. We believe in telling stories that engage audiences without sacrificing rigour or reliability.

Got a wicked problem to solve?

Examples of our work


Managing risk in the construction industry

The construction sector plays a critical role in supporting the wellbeing and economic prosperity of our communities, yet it is a perennial underperformer.

In this BRANZ funded project we built RISKFLOW, a system dynamics model of the sector to help better understand the relationships between risk, risk management, and productivity in the construction sector.

As with all our research projects, getting the right multi-disciplinary team was critical. We worked with Market Economics and the University of Auckland on this project.

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Resilience to Nature's Challenge

Resilience to Nature’s Challenges

We are part of the government-funded National Science Challenge Resilience to Nature’s Challenges. Since 2014 we have been part of this cutting edge research programme aimed at transformative resilience that will enable New Zealand to thrive in the face of challenges from nature.

Joanne Stevenson and John Vargo co-lead the Trajectories programme developing a “Resilience Warrant of Fitness” system, which includes scalable, multi--capital community resilience indicators.

Charlotte Brown is currently working with the Multi-hazard Risk Modelling programme looking at integrating hazard modelling and decision-making under deep uncertainty.



QuakeCoRE is a Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) focusing on earthquake resilience, funded by the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission.

We have been involved with QuakeCoRE since its inception in 2015. Charlotte Brown is a Principal Investigator with QuakeCoRE.

We have undertaken projects including:

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