Measuring and benchmarking resilience

How do you measure a seemingly abstract concept like resilience?
We have developed several measurement tools and worked with organisations to help them develop measurement approaches specific to their needs.
We can also assist with decision frameworks that consider uncertainties and help with the evaluation of alternative resilience investments.

Benchmarking organisational resilience

Measuring your organisation's resilience is a great way to begin upskilling your organisation's capabilities.

Our structured benchmarking process consists of an organisation-wide survey, focus groups, and senior level presentation of results. This helps to grow knowledge of resilience thinking, encourage team sharing of resilience concepts and provides you with a baseline to measure improvement.

Our resilience benchmarking tool focuses on 13 key indicators, which represent identifiable and measurable factors of organisational resilience.  These indicators are divided into three main attribute categories: Leadership and Culture, Networks and Relationships, and Change Readiness.

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Measuring business strategy

We are working alongside a large public sector organisation to develop, implement and effectively measure their People Strategy.  To begin the process we ran focus groups to understand how staff could be better supported to do their job and this, in turn, informed the People Strategy.  Since then we have developed an evaluation framework for the strategy and are supporting the implementation of a monitoring programme.  The monitoring programme is supported by the Ask Your Team software.

Benchmarking the critical infrastructure sector

In 2016, we worked with the Australian Attorney General’s Department Resilience Expert Advisory Group to develop a critical infrastructure sector resilience benchmark tool.  The tool was used to measure resilience within and between critical infrastructure utilities. 

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The New Zealand Resilience Index

As part of the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges National Science Challenge, we have developed a New Zealand Resilience Index (NZRI).  The index aligns with the new National Disaster Resilience Strategy and provides a mechanism for assessing progress towards resilience over time. We have also worked with the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office to extend and adapt the index to fit with their own context. 

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