How future ready is your organisation?

  • Do you have strong leadership?
  • Do you learn from mistakes?
  • Do you have people outside your organisation you can rely on?
  • Do you have a clear, meaningful purpose that underpins everything you do?
  • Do you look out for, and respond to, changes in your neighbourhood, industry, and region?
These are some of the key questions you need to consider for building
a resilient organisation.

Measuring your organisation's resilience is a great way to begin upskilling your organisation's capabilities.

Our structured benchmarking process consists of an organisation-wide survey, focus groups, and senior level presentation of results. This helps to grow knowledge of resilience thinking, encourage team sharing of resilience concepts and provides you with a baseline to measure improvement.

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Resilient Organisations'
Benchmark Resilience Tool

Our resilience benchmarking tool focuses on 13 key indicators, which represent identifiable and measurable factors of organisational resilience.  These indicators are divided into three main attribute categories: Leadership and Culture, Networks and Relationships, and Change Readiness.

These indicators are ‘leading’; they assess how resilient an organisation and its employees will be in the future, rather than how they have performed in the past.  The survey results are intended to help translate a complex multidimensional sociotechnical phenomenon into something more tangible for organisations which can be used to tailor improvement initiatives.

Based on over 10 years of academic research, this tool has been extensively validated to ensure it measures what it says.