What does resilience mean to you and your organisation?

We can help build your understanding of resilience.


Our ongoing research involves both quantitative and qualitative work to better understand what makes organisations and complex systems more resilient.

We create new insights to help organisations build resilience

We actively contribute to the academic debate on resilience and invest in resilience innovation.


We strive to make resilience accessible and understandable. We want organisations to build their resilience using strategies based on solid evidence.
  • Examples of our work include our:

  • 13-indicator model of organisational resilience
  • free resources for businesses
  • resilience benchmarking tools

Our approach is to continually strive to grow our knowledge of resilience


We combine the outcomes from our consulting work with research to ensure our knowledge base continually grows.

Examples of our work

Organisational recovery from disaster

We have undertaken 5 surveys examining the impacts and recovery trajectories of organisations affected by the 2010-11 Canterbury earthquake sequence. 

Seismic resilience options

We are developing a ‘menu’ of resilience initiatives that encompasses engineering and social sciences to provide decision-makers with a comprehensive list of options available to build resilience.

Efficacy of business continuity planning

How can we help?

We are always interested in potential research or consulting projects that help us to apply or grow our resilience knowledge.  If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

Tracy Hatton, Senior Research Consultant, Resilient Organisations Ltd

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