How future ready is your organisation?

Our Benchmark Resilience Tool can measure your current resilience to show you how ready your organisation is for future crises.
It will reveal your organisation’s resilience strength and weaknesses, and suggest simple practical steps to improve these.

Benchmark Resilient Tool


To improve resilience, we need to know how your organisation's resilience is currently tracking and where gains can be made.

The Benchmark Resilience Tool (BRT) is designed to measure the resilience of an organisation.  The tool uses a self-report survey, taken by as many individuals within an organisation as possible, to provide a comprehensive view of the organisation.

The BRT is online and very user friendly.  There are two different parts to the tool – it starts with the project sponsor completing an initial set of questions about the organisation.  This project sponsor then sends a web link for staff to complete their surveys.  The staff survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The tool compiles and analyses these responses to provide a results report for your organisation.  This report includes an overall resilience score and how that compares with other organisations, as well as a breakdown of your organisation's specific resilience strengths and weaknesses, plus advice on how to improve them.

The tool can analyse results at geographic, departmental or functional levels, as well as at an overall organisation level.

Getting the most from the Benchmark Resilience Tool


Once you have collected data about your organisation’s resilience, we recommend making the most of that information.  Working with our team, we can provide further in-depth analysis and advice, customising a package to suit your organisation's requirements. We can offer:

  • In-depth data analysis

    Enhance your understanding of the basic survey results by getting in-depth data analysis. The analysis and report includes:

    • Response rates and resilience scores by position, department, gender and age.
    • An in-depth view of individual resilience indicators.
    • Staff perceptions of risks facing the organisation.
    • Information on staff perceptions of lifeline dependencies.
    • Detailed recommendations on leveraging strengths and improving weaknesses.
  • Interviews with cross-section of staff and management

    Supplement your standard resilience with semi-structured interviews (onsite or by phone or video conference) of a cross-section of staff and management. This analysis will give you a clearer understanding of the resilience benchmark results within the culture and context of the organisation. In addition to the standard report, the results include: 

    • Analysis of resilience within the context of the organisation’s culture, history and strategic direction. 
    • Tailored recommendations for organisation specific resilience enhancement initiatives.
  • Presentation and Q&A session

    We can present the findings from the report to presentation to staff, management, board or any combination as required.

    We can also run workshops for your team to explore what the results mean for your organisation and create an action plan for moving forward and building greater resilience in your organisation.

  • Shared benchmarking

    Encourage your suppliers, customers or others in your industry to benchmark their resilience and then come together in a facilitated workshop to leverage off each others’ strengths and collectively improve your resilience.

Other resilience tools


  • Resilience Thumbprint Tool

    Get a quick snapshot of your organisation's resilience using our free cut-down version of the Resilience Benchmark Tool.

  • Organisational Resilience HealthCheck

    This is a free 15 minute self-assessment tool to help you evaluate resilience attributes and identify opportunities to improve resilience capability in your organisation.

  • Employee resilience tool

    Measure employee resilience within your organisation, It can be used for individual self-assessment, organisation-wide employee resilience assessment, and cross-sector employee resilience assessments.