Risk and resilience decision-making

Businesses have to make decisions in the face of uncertainty every day. 
But how do you make decisions that are robust no matter what the future holds? 
And how do you best balance the pressing needs of today against the looming uncertainty of tomorrow?

Our approach

Be it economic modelling, development of bespoke decision analysis tools, or facilitating workshops, we work alongside our trusted partners, to help you evaluate your key risk-based decisions positioning your organisation to be resilient in the face of future change and uncertainty.
We don’t ignore the unknowable, we build it into the decision-making process.
Building investment prioritization framework

Resilient Organisations worked with a major health provider within New Zealand and external engineers to develop a framework for prioritising resilience investment across their building portfolio.

The process aimed to balance parallel and competing objectives including a) life safety risk related to seismic hazards, b) risks from other hazards, and c) the ongoing need to effectively and efficiently provide services to their clients.

The framework guides users through a process of defining the criticality of the building, considering factors such as: occupancy; requirements for post-disaster functionality; risk to neighbouring structures and access routes; and importance of building to organizational functionality day to day.  The framework also includes consideration of ongoing maintenance costs; costs to relocate services during building works; potential future uses of buildings; and opportunities to change the use of buildings or to achieve service improvements through investment options. 

Insurance efficacy

Following the Canterbury earthquakes, we interviewed and and surveyed businesses to help identify potential improvements to how commercial insurance is delivered. We also explored ways in which businesses can more effectively utilise insurance (including selecting the right policy and knowing how to claim on it). 

Decision support tool for seismic resilience

A prototype decision support tool (DST) has been developed to guide choices about where to invest time, effort, and resources to maximise improvements to seismic resilience. A decision support tool is a helpful device to indicate strengths, trade-offs, and co-benefits of different types of projects in environments where resources are limited and there is significant uncertainty about risk. The DST is intended to be a usable and robust tool that can aid decision making from problem formulation to identifying a range of suitable actions. The prototype DST is user-focused with an emphasis on engagement and participation.

Full cost accounting

In partnership with Market Economics, we have developed an enhanced benefit cost analysis framework for application to resilience building decisions.  This framework helps to better and more comprehensively value risk and resilience decisions, leading to more comprehensive evaluations and better long-term resilience outcomes for both businesses and the community.

John Vargo, Resilient Organisations

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