Educating and engaging in resilience

We are passionate about making resilience concepts and actions accessible and actionable to organisations of all sizes and sectors.

Organisational resilience workshops, seminars, and courses

We work with individual organisations, groups and educational institutions to deliver engaging and action focused workshops, seminars and courses.

Feedback from recent workshop attendees

“The workshop made starting easier than I thought it would be”

"Interactive and informative”

"Though provoking session, with well-prepared resources. An excellent interactive session."

"Great workshop style and having a competition made the activity all the more interesting."

"Really enjoyed this! I generally cringe at interactive sessions, but Tracy really framed the exercise well, so that all attendees could just throw themselves into it."

"Fabulous speaker! Exercise was a hit."

Examples of our work

Helping small businesses thrive

During 2020, we worked with Auckland Emergency Management and Auckland’s Business Improvement Districts to assist small enterprises survive the COVID-19 restrictions, recover, and thrive in an uncertain future.

We facilitated a series of online workshops and webinars to:

  • Enable business owners or managers to connect and share their problems and concerns.
  • Provide advice and guidance to help businesses build their own resilience capabilities.
  • Promote innovative, adaptive, and fresh thinking about their businesses
  • Build hope and self-efficacy.
Embedding resilience thinking in a large public sector organisation

Our team worked collaboratively with a large public sector organisation to co-design and facilitate a programme to begin to grow awareness of resilience concepts across the organisation. 

This project included the design and creation of tools to assist with embedding resilience thinking into day to day decision making.

Leading Resilient Enterprises – Executive Development Programme

We co-ordinate the University of Canterbury Executive Development’s Programme in Leading Resilient Enterprises. 

The 4-day block course equips students with research and practice-based knowledge to understand and enhance organisational resilience. The course explores evidence-based best practices and tools to develop resilience in an organisation. It includes theory/concepts associated with resilience and practical cases and exercises to help students translate theory and concepts into action.

Business Preparedness App

We have created the content for a new Business Preparedness app to be released by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center, a partnership between the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) with the American Red Cross. 

Atlas: Ready for Business is an engaging, accessible mobile app aimed at small and medium enterprises giving them concise, jargon free advice and activities to help build their preparedness for crises.

The content is based on 14+ years of research into what helps organisations to survive a crisis and thrive in an uncertain world and drawing heavily on the experiences of organisations in Canterbury following the earthquakes.

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