Building crisis response and recovery capabilities

No matter what size your organisation is, you need to have plans for dealing with the aftermath of a crisis.
Larger and more complex organisations need formal emergency management plans, procedures and training.

We can work with you to review your existing plans and lessons learned from previous crises to create plans that get long-term results for your organisation.

Examples of our work

Reviewing emergency plans

We work with medium and large organisations to review existing plans and emergency arrangements.

We challenge their emergency planning assumptions, and recommend actions to improve future readiness.

Capturing lessons learnt

We have worked with a major health provider in New Zealand to capture lessons learnt and improvement opportunities from their response to a major earthquake event.  We are now working with their Emergency Management Team and relevant managers to implement these lessons.

Examples of our work

Crisis preparedness for not-for-profit organisations

Recognising the important role of not-for-profit organisations in the community, a NZ local government authority funded ResOrgs to facilititate an interactive 4 hour workshop. The workshop took the organisations through a step-by-step process to prepare an organisational continuity plan. The plans were designed to be size and context specific based on a tailor-made template appropriate for small organisations.

The workshop participants left with a sense of empowerment that disaster readiness is achievable.

"It made an overwhelming task more manageable."

Business Preparedness App

This free app has been developed by the Global Disaster Preparedness Centre, part of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent network with the tool content developed by Resilient Organisations.

This app is targeted at small and medium enterprises who wish to improve their disaster or crisis readiness.

To access the app, open this email on your phone and click on the following link:

Smaller organisations need emergency management plans too

Think about your risks and how you can reduce their impact on your business and be prepared to respond.

Already in a crisis?

Our short guide: Striving Through provides tips, tactics and plans for managing your business through a crisis.

How can we help?

We can help you to understand the right level of preparation for your organisation and work with you to ensure you are ready.  Please get in touch or send us an email for a free no-obligation chat about your needs.

Tracy Hatton, Resilient Organisations

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