Build the business case for resilience

Building the business case for resilience

Do you need help convincing your team of the benefits of  building  resilience  in your organisation?

Our resilience experts can help you understand and quantify the relevant costs and benefits of resilience investment for your unique situation.


We can also assist with decision frameworks that consider uncertainties and help with the evaluation of alternative resilience investments.

Example of our work

Economic modelling of resilience investments

We are working with Wellington’s critical infrastructure providers to help create a Programme Business Case that identifies the vulnerabilities of the Wellington region’s utility networks and the economic costs and benefits of increasing resilience.  This project leverages the ground-breaking Modelling Economic Resilience of Infrastructure Tool (MERIT) and is a collaborative effort with GNS Science, Market Economics, and Aurecon.

How can we help?

Contact one of our resilience experts below or send us an email for a free no-obligation chat about your resilience project and how we can help.

Tracy Hatton, Resilient Organisations

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