Seismic resilience investment menu

Helping decision-makers to explore various options to improve resilience and understand the differing kinds of resilience with a 'one-stop' shop of resilience options.


Decisions on investments to improve the seismic resilience of New Zealand are often driven by people or groups with specific interest or expertise in a particular field.

While these proposals are valuable, researchers and practitioners are now calling for decision-making processes that take into account ideas from diverse disciplines (Cutter, 2016; Peek, Sutley, & van de Lindt, 2017).

The current project aims to compile a ‘menu’ of seismic resilience options that crosses disciplinary and interest group boundaries, thereby demonstrating a variety of investment choices available across a broad spectrum of expertise areas.  This menu is intended to encourage users to consider a broader range of resilience investment options than they might otherwise.

Key contact

Saree Lawler

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
p: 022 356 4305
e : [email protected]

Project team

Saree Lawler

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Resilient Organistions Ltd

Tracy Hatton, Senior Research Consultant, Resilient Organisations LtdTracy Hatton

Senior Research Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd

Erica Seville

Managing Director
Resilient Organisations Ltd

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