Organisations facing crisis

Organisations facing crisis

Crises come in many forms for organisations, ranging from natural disasters, failure of a critical supplier, a major accident, reputational storm, etc.  In our research we define organisational crises broadly as a set of circumstances, which if managed poorly, has the ability to bring an organisation to its knees.

There is much we can learn from organisations that have faced crises and either failed, survived, or thrived in their aftermath. In this research theme we look for core lessons that can be taken from their experiences.

With Christchurch being rocked by major earthquakes in recent years (over 10,000 earthquakes in eighteen months), the research team are actively tracking the impacts of these earthquakes on organisations, and how these organisations are recovering.

We have researchers looking at the following aspects of recovery from the Canterbury earthquake sequence:

  • the recovery of organisations within Central Business Districts (CBD) affected by the earthquake
  • how organisations in Canterbury are utilising collaborative approaches to support their recovery
  • the effects external aid has upon small to medium sized enterprises’ resilience in both rural and urban settings in New Zealand
  • using a systems approach to investigate the key elements of recovery and resilience for organisations and industry sectors in the Canterbury region.


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