Helping small and medium enterprises build resilience

Helping smaller organisations access right-sized resilience advice.

We work on a number of projects to help ensure that small and medium enterprises, both for profit and not for profit can access appropriate organisational continuity and resilience resources.

  • Workshops

    We design and facilitate workshops for SMEs, NGOs and schools that:

    • engage them with the need for business continuity planning,
    • provide appropriately scaled and achievable steps to create an effective business continuity plan,
    • get them actively starting on their business continuity planning journey, and
    • create an environment for cross-pollination and collaboration between organisations.
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  • Apps

    We have provided the content for the free Business Preparedness app: Atlas: Ready for Business.  This is available free from the App or IOS Stores and is packed full of useful advice to help organisations build adaptability and create basic business continuity plans. 

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  • Booklets

    We also have developed a number of free booklets for SME’s to learn about the basics of organisational resilience, disaster preparedness and recovery.

    View our free resilience guides for SME's

Example of our work

Helping small businesses thrive

During 2020, we worked with Auckland Emergency Management and Auckland’s Business Improvement Districts to assist small enterprises survive the COVID-19 restrictions, recover, and thrive in an uncertain future.

We facilitated a series of online workshops and webinars to:

  • Enable business owners or managers to connect and share their problems and concerns.
  • Provide advice and guidance to help businesses build their own resilience capabilities.
  • Promote innovative, adaptive, and fresh thinking about their businesses
  • Build hope and self-efficacy.

Project goals

Businesses provide employment, a sense of purpose and essential goods and services to community members. Without functioning organisations, effective community function is impaired.

While big business may have access to expert advice on crisis preparedness and resilience, little exists to help SME’s ensure they remain an important, integral and vibrant part of their communities during challenging times.  Our goal in these projects is to make it easy for organisations of any size to ensure they are ready to get through.

Key contact

Tracy Hatton

Principal Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd
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Project team

Tracy Hatton

Resilient Organisations

Charlotte Brown

Resilient Organisations

Erica Seville

Resilient Organisations

Our funders

We are grateful to the Natural Hazards Research Platform, Marlborough CDEM, GDPC for providing funding for our work in this space.


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