Resilience of the potable water industry

Development of an industry-specific primer focused on potable water infrastructure to help key players understand what they can do differently to improve resilience in this industry.

Recommendations for building resilience in the water sector

The primer presents 17 recommendations to give resilience adoption a boost. These suggestions were inspired by 19 interviews with water sector operators and stakeholders and consideration of policy frameworks, advocacy bodies and academic reports.

Below, Tracy Hatton, is interviewed by the Resilience Shift about the importance of water resilience.


Project overview

This practical, industry-specific primer identifies:
  • the current best practices by leading organisations that embed resilience into their decision-making,
  • the incentives that are currently available for driving resilience, but are not capitalized upon due to lack of awareness of their existence, and
  • the future directions for how to scale and augment the current menu of incentives.

Key contact

Tracy Hatton

Principal Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd
e :

Project team

Tracy Hatton

Resilient Organisations

Ellie Kay

Resilient Organisations

Charlotte Brown

Resilient Organisations

Daniel Aldrich

Director of the Security and Resilience Studies Program, at Northeastern University. USA

Nader Naderpajouh

RMIT, Australia

Our funders

This work has been funded by The Resilience Shift.

The Resilience Shift

Project output

Resilience primer: Potable water
Tracy Hatton, Ellie Kay, Nader Naderpajouh, Daniel Aldrich

Published by the Resilience Shift in collaboration with Resilient Organisations, March 2019.

Download the primer
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