Building future-ready farms

Through a series of workshops, we have assisted farm business owners and their critical farming partners prepare to thrive in a turbulent future. 

Thinking outside the box - a Podcast on resilience in the farming business

Joanne Stevenson,  a Principal Consultant at Resilient Organisations while farming in North Canterbury, and Jack Cocks, a farmer from Lake Wakatipu, near Queenstown, discuss resilience in the farming business. In 2013 Jack experienced an unforeseen and life-changing medical event, which gave him and his family some marked insight to preparing a business to deal with change, both large and small. They discuss what resilience is, and what farm businesses and farming families can do to prepare for the future even though they can’t change it.

Project overview

The Future Ready Farm Business Workshops are designed for farm business owners, managers, and their critical partners who are interested in building a better understanding of their resilience and taking practical steps to become more future ready.

The project offered affordable workshops to groups of farmers looking to learn about resilience, plan for their future, and engage with other farmers on the same journey.

Key contact

Joanne Stevenson

Principal Research Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd
e :

Project team

Joanne Stevenson

Resilient Organisations

North Canterbury Adverse Events Committee and the Post Quake Farming Project

Our funders

The development of these workshops was funded in part by the North Canterbury Adverse Events Committee and the Post Quake Farming Project through the Ministry of Primary Industries.

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