Employee resilience

The Employee Resilience Research group combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies to investigate and understand resilience from the standpoint of the employee, and of the organisation at large.

The Employee Resilience Research team consists of researchers and postgraduate students from Psychology as well as Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

Collaborating closely with the Leading and Managing Resilient Organisations research group (LORE), as well as the Joint Centre for Disaster Research (JCDR)  the team aim to help build a greater understanding of the factors contributing to worker resilience, and of the key outcomes for organisations committed to developing resilient workers, namely engagement, high performance and wellbeing.

Employee Resilience Tool

The Employee Resilience Tool has been developed to measure an employee’s resilience level. The tool can be used for individual self-assessment and organisation-wide employee resilience assessment, as well as cross-sector employee resilience assessments.


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