The role of the Board of Directors in crisis

Developing a practical resource for Boards of Directors to use in preparation for and in times of crisis, learning from the experiences of those who have navigated crisis.

Project overview

What is a board’s role when crisis hits?  Does that change over time?  What can we learn from those who have led through crisis?

We are currently talking with chairs, directors and chief executives from organisations across New Zealand and Australia that have experienced a significant crisis.  These interviews we will be drawing out common themes and lessons to develop practical advice for preparing and delivering good governance during crises. 

An organisational crisis can arise from rapidly from a diverse range of sources.  These can include the loss of a critical customer or suppler, natural disaster, reputational crisis, health and safety incidents, cyber-attack, public safety issues or any other crisis. It is important for the Board, as well as management, to be prepared and ready to respond when needed.

This project is funded by QuakeCoRE and being run in collaboration with the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Key contact

Richard Ball

Senior Research Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd
e : [email protected]

Project team

Richard Ball

Resilient Organisations Ltd

Erica Seville

Resilient Organisations Ltd

Our funders

This project is funded by QuakeCoRE.