Building risk management strategies into the vertical construction sector

A comparative analysis of the vertical and horizontal construction sector to identify key areas to better manage risk and improve productivity.

Project overview

The aim of this project is to identify opportunities to improve the productivity of the vertical (e.g. buildings) construction sector. 

The recent success of horizontal infrastructure (e.g. pipes, roads and cables) projects such as Northern Toll Road Gateway, Waterview Project and Christchurch Infrastructure Recovery are in contrast to ongoing challenges faced by the vertical construction sector.  This provides a unique opportunity for cross-sectoral learning.  Based on interviews and surveys, interactive system dynamics models will be developed to elucidate key commonalities and differences between the two sectors.  In particular, we will focus on strategic opportunities for enhanced risk management and organisational resilience building.  These models will be validated and extended through expert workshops.  By promoting enhanced risk management strategies and resilience practices, we anticipate a more productive, higher quality and more stable vertical construction industry contributing to improved socio-economic well-being in New Zealand. 

The project is due to be completed in 2020. 

Key contact

Charlotte Brown

Principal Research Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd
e : [email protected]

Project team

Charlotte Brown

Resilient Organisations

Ellie Kay

Resilient Organisations

Nicky Smith 

Market Economics

Alice Chang-Richards

University of Auckland

Our funders

This work has been funded by the BRANZ.



Project report

Building risk management strategies into the vertical construction sector
A preliminary report
BRANZ Project LR10481, The Building Research Levy 2018/2019

Alice Chang-Richards, Charlotte Brown, Nicky Smith

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