Resilience to Nature's Challenges

Resilience trajectories for a future-proof New Zealand.

Resilience Trajectories “Toolbox” is a research programme funded by MBIE through the National Science Challenges.


The Trajectories Toolbox will allow users to identify barriers and potential opportunities to accelerate progress toward the vision of a resilient New Zealand. We are collaborating with researchers and a diverse range of stakeholders to provide tools that enhance the ability of policy makers and practitioners to determine where to prioritize their effort.

Resilience to Nature's Challenge

Data literacy for better research collaboration

To help system users of all levels with the fundamental concepts around metadata and geospatial data management we have created this series of videos. We have also created a booklet outlining the basic elements to add to each dataset, and guidance on how to create metadata for optimal outcomes.

These have been created as part of a meta and geospatial-data literacy programme we are running in conjunction with NSC 11 Building Better Homes, Towns, and Cities.

Project goals

There are four core projects being undertaken as part of the Trajectories Toolbox research programme. These include:

  • The Kickstart 2 Measuring (K2) tool: This heuristic tool is designed to facilitate structured conversations about resilience and guide the creation of robust resilience measurement and modelling approaches.
  • Resilience Digital Information System: We will identify the data needs for creating resilience trajectory models and enhancement tools with data owners and users. The digital information system also includes the development of the Data Integration and Visualisation EnMasse (DIVE) platform, a metadata repository and federated data system designed to facilitate transdisciplinary and cross-institutional work on resilience.

  • Resilience Indicators: We have identified a range of indicators across a multi-capital model in a variety of settings, linking indicators to data sources and identifying gaps for ongoing development of a suite of indicators. These indicators will allow us to benchmark resilience, monitor progress, and evaluate the efficacy of resilience interventions.

  • Resilience Warrant of Fitness: We will pilot and prototype a holistic resilience assessment developed from the suite of resilience indicators. We will assess the resilience of the community or sector across the multi-capital model, including actionable strategies for resilience improvement in light of the WOF outcomes to attain a given benchmark or maturity model level.

Key contact

John Vargo

Executive Director
Resilient Organisations Ltd
[email protected]

Joanne Stevenson

Senior Research Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd
[email protected]

Project team

Joanne StevensonJoanne Stevenson

Senior Research Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd

John Vargo

Executive Director
Resilient Organisations Ltd

Vivienne Ivory

Opus International Consultants Ltd

Chris Bowie

Opus International Consultants Ltd

Our funders

We are grateful for our funders who support our research and have contributed to this project.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) funds the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges - National Science Challenges.


Project outputs

Stevenson, J.R., & Vargo, J., (2016) Data Integration and VisualisationEnMasse (DIVE) Platform Report: Programme Update September 2016. Resilient Organisations/QuakeCoRE Research Report.

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Ivory, V. C., Stevenson, J. (2017). From contesting to conversing about resilience: Talking about its meaning, measurement and goals.
This report describes the Kickstart 2 Measurement (K2M) decision tool to aid the resilience research community to have good conversations and make decisions about what, how and why resilience gets measured.

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