Construction sector performance measurement

Learning lessons and finding opportunities to enhance construction sector performance measurement.

Project overview

What gets measured gets managed.

The construction sector plays a vital role in supporting the New Zealand economy and the wider wellbeing of our communities. BRANZ and Resilient Organisations share a commitment to improve the resilience of the construction sector – and part of this mission involves understanding how to better measure sector performance. Traditional measures of construction sector performance are largely focused on short-term economic outputs, rather than the long-term sustainability of operations and the effectiveness of the sector for meeting community needs. Government and sector initiatives, such as New Zealand Treasury’s Higher Living Standards and the industry-led Construction Sector Accord, point to the need for a more effective and comprehensive framework to measure performance and inform industry and policy decisions. Effective measures will help focus cross-sector action to achieve better outcomes for communities that rely on the sector, as well as to improve short and long-term outcomes for the businesses and individuals that make up the construction sector.

BRANZ and Resilient Organisations have co-developed a research project that will inform development of a state-of-the-art performance measurement framework.  This project will review construction sector measurement systems used internationally and performance measurement systems used by other sectors within New Zealand. Based on our findings, we will work with the construction sector to co-develop a performance measurement approach suited to the sector. This project demonstrates the Building Levy being applied to better support not only the safety of our buildings but to enhance the wellbeing of the construction sector and the community the sector serves.

Project goals

  1. To review the scope and effectiveness of at least three approaches to construction sector performance measurement internationally.
  2. To review the scope and effectiveness of at least three industry sector performance measurement systems
  3. To develop a prototype performance measurement framework with construction sector representatives

Key contact

Charlotte Brown

Joint Managing Director
Resilient Organisations Ltd
e : [email protected]

Project team

Charlotte Brown

Joint Managing Director
Resilient Organisations Ltd

Tracy Hatton

Joint Managing Director
Resilient Organisations Ltd

Richard Ball

Senior Research Consultant
Resilient Organisations Ltd

Rod Cameron
Kristen MacAskill
Laing O’Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering and Technology, Cambridge University, UK
Eirini Konstantinou 

Policy Research Analyst (TES), College of Engineering, Cambridge University, UK

Our funders

This project is being funded by BRANZ.

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