Our projects

We are involved in a wide range of projects from government-funded research exploring new areas of resilience to client-based projects focusing on specific organisational requirements.

Risk and resilience decision making

Risk and resilience decision-making projects How can we make decisions that are robust no matter what the future holds?  How do we balance the pressing needs of today against the looming uncertainty of tomorrow?We have worked on a number of projects that help organisations and communities balance competing objectives and navigate deep uncertainty, including the development …

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Resilience measurement

Resilient measurement projects We have undertaken a wide range of projects to measure resilience within individual organisations, industry sectors, and the wider community. 

Organisational resilience

Organisational and employee resilience projects Resilience is a strategic capability able to improve an organisation’s performance in day-to-day and crisis situations.   Our organisational and employee resilience projects aim to advance both the theory and practice of resilience, providing evidence for measuring and evaluating, the benefits for organisations and communities, and how to improve it. …

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Crisis recovery & disaster reconstruction

Crisis recovery and disaster reconstruction Crises come in many forms for organisations, ranging from natural disasters, a major accident to a failure of a critical supplier, and a reputational storm.  Whatever it may be, if poorly managed it has the ability to bring an organisation to its knees. We have undertaken many projects, both in …

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