For many organisations, the role of the board in a crisis like COVID-19 is not clear. Our latest research report is a practical guide for boards members and managers alike. It draws on the combined wisdom of 12 board chairs, directors and chief executives, all of whom have led their organisations through numerous crises.

The construction industry has been left reeling from the body blow delivered by COVID-19. But this will pass, and being resilient will help navigate the crisis and prepare for recovery and future opportunities.

The global nature of COVID-19 presents unprecedented opportunities for cross-cultural research, which can help us to better understand the impacts of culture, public policy, and resilience on economic recovery. The international working group, CONVERGE have put together a
short paper outlining the research methods and principles from natural hazard research we can apply to research related to COVID-19.

Leading through times of change: building a resilient organisation ResOrgs is exploring a partnership with Keogh Consulting in Australia to develop a leadership programme to support leaders navigate the new normal. Here are some strategies leaders can use to lead effectively through times of change.  

If you have not already, now is the time to think strategically about recovery. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the response process and the complexities of adapting operations to our new normal. But it is vital for long term success to allow time for some strategic thinking.

The idea of the 20-minute city, already being tested in Sydney and Paris, promotes the design of communities where education, healthcare, shopping and work are all within a 20-minute walk or bike. Could this be the future blueprint for decentralised cities?

Thursday 18 June 2020, 11.00 am to 12.00 pm As part of the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Online Support Series for Business, Resilient Organisations will be presenting a webinar on Building a Resilient Recovery Strategy.

Visionweek NZ 2020 – day three Sustaining NZ The COVID-19 response demonstrated New Zealand’s leadership. Our leaders looked at the science and took early and decisive action to address the threat. We need to extend this approach to address other sustainability threats and opportunities that we face. That was the overarching message that we took …

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Day two of #visionweekNZ highlighted the opportunities present in our tourism, technology and transport sectors to connect and create a future proof New Zealand. From new technological innovations in tourism that enables people to virtually bungy jump from their couch to improved connectiveness in our technology and infrastructure sectors to enable better planned developments that address the needs of digital equity and lower carbon transport options.

COVID-19 will be a long-running event that will require constant monitoring and response activities. This means tha there is an opportunity to reflect on and learn from our response to date, so we can do things better from this point forward.

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