Do you want to understand the resilience capacity of your community? Or measure progress as you implement resilience initiatives?
The New Zealand Resilience Index (NZRI), developed for and by New Zealanders is here to help. NZRI can help support your decision-making and prioritise your investments in community resilience.

As we progress through the latest phase of the current COVID-19 crisis, some businesses are upping their activity, whilst others are still entirely non-operational. Every bit of activity helps restore our sense of normal. But we are still a long way from the end of this disruption. Here are some things to keep doing to help your business recovery well.

Recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is proving to be a long game, as we continue adjusting and re-building for a new normal and beyond.
In this post we share five things worth keeping in mind as you respond to the current crisis that may help your long-term recovery.

While it may seem too soon to think about this crisis ending, it is never too early to start planning your debriefing process.

We have created this handy 1-pager to get you started on your debriefing process, making sure you are more resilient to the next crisis.

We are thrilled to announce that Richard Ball has won the Business Continuity Institute’s Asia Pacific awards Continuity and Resilience Newcomer award for 2021.

Richard was awarded for his enthusiastic approach to the discipline, passion for the industry and innovative ideas on how to implement and embed good practice in business continuity and resilience.

Resilient Organisations are excited to partner with the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering on this Earthquake Commission (EQC) funded project focused on understanding societal expectations for future seismic performance of buildings.

Getting small businesses (SMEs) to make resilience a priority is a challenge. To help address this we have delievered a series of workshops around the South Island.

We are thrilled to announce that Charlotte Brown and the MERIT team have been recognised in the 2021 Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize.

Want to make sure your organisation is prepared for an earthquake? Download our free Earthquake Preparedness Guide to help get you started.

How do you balance the life safety risks of an earthquake prone public building against the community costs of prolonged closure of community facilities?

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