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Striving Through

February 10, 2023

For those taking stock of damage to their businesses, our free downloadable booklet “Striving Through” has some practical advice to help get through.

Meri Kirihimete me te Hape Nū Ia!

December 21, 2022

We wish you all the best for this holiday season. Check our some of our key highlights from 2022.

The art of being ready for anything

November 11, 2022

Watch a recent presentation by Tracy Hatton talking about organisational resilience, what it is, why it is important, and the small steps that over time can build a robust organisation ready to survive any crisis and thrive in a world of uncertainty.

Resilience features in latest BRANZ Build magazine

October 10, 2022

The latest issue of BRANZ’s Build magazine focuses on the resilience of people, businesses, communities, and buildings, with several ResOrgs projects featured.

Economic recovery: Lessons learned for business and recovery managers

September 21, 2022

We recently gave this presentation on 10 key lessons we’ve learned about supporting businesses and organisations to navigate through crisis recovery.

Not just surviving: Addressing burnout by building a thriving organisation

August 18, 2022

Many organisations have successfully navigated an incredibly challenging few years. But there is a big difference between surviving and thriving. With reports of burnout rapidly rising, many organisations have recognised the wellbeing challenges of their employees and invested in wellbeing initiatives. While this is laudable, organisations often overlook the key causes of burnout.

Business recovery from disasters: Lessons from natural hazards and the COVID-19 pandemic

August 16, 2022

Charlotte Brown has been working with an international group of researchers to systematically compare the lessons we’ve learned over the past few decades of natural hazard research on business recovery with lessons emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our insights from COVID debriefs

July 21, 2022

Over the past 2 years, we have been facilitating incident response debriefs, capturing organisations’ lessons learned from their covid response. Here are some of our insights from these sessions.

New MBIE seismic risk guidance for buildings

July 13, 2022

MBIE has released some much needed guidance on using seismic risk assessments for occupancy decisions. The guide provides support for interpretation of seismic assessments, in particular %NBS, and helps users to understand how this relates to life safety risk.

New publication in Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems

July 13, 2022

Our paper summarising how human behaviour has influenced the implementation and interpretation of the Building (Earthquake-prone buildings Amendment) Act 2016 is now published in the Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems.

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