New ResOrgs team member

We are very excited to welcome David Fox to our team as a Senior Consultant

David has over 20 years of experience in assisting businesses to understand and manage risk.  He has worked on some of the world’s most complex mega projects across multiple sectors and brings extensive knowledge of international best practice risk analysis and management.

After 21 years living and working in the UK, David and his family managed to move back to New Zealand in March last year – only a few days before COVID-19 put the country into lockdown!

David became involved in the 2001 boom in Risk Management where business’s attention was being directed towards risk and controls following a 1999 report (“Turnbull Report”) issued by the London stock exchange highlighting the obligation for directors to keep good “internal controls”. This resulted in an often-regulated requirement for risk management, especially in government procured projects.

Since then David has developed his expertise in risk management, having worked with numerous blue-chip consultancies, as well as on several international major projects including the Qatar Metro, Hinckley Point C Nuclear Power station, UK High Speed 2 Rail Network and CRL Behring’s Swiss new pharmaceutical plant which is planned to produce the next generation hemophilia therapies.

David is looking forward to adding his risk management knowledge and expertise to the ResOrrgs team creating a greater breadth of services and resources to improve resilience in organisations.

“Risk has always been about managing the “known” uncertainty, the uncertainty we can measure and put a probability against. But from experience, it is often the “unknown’ uncertainty which adversely disrupts an organisation.  An organisation's resilience and agility, as well as its risk knowledge, is what really makes the difference. This holistic view and approach are what I find exciting.”

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