Looking beyond COVID-19 - what does recovery look like for your organisation?

There is a mantra in emergency management that recovery starts in response.  But what does that mean as we continue our response to COVID-19?

While we are still in the thick of response mode to the Omicron wave of the pandemic, there is hope on the horizon. It’s time that organisations really start thinking about what recovery looks like from this very long event.

  • What opportunities have arisen that need nurturing?
  • What can we do for those leaders who have worked so very hard to keep going over the last two years and who are simply exhausted?
  • What can we do for staff who stepped up, took on extra challenges and responsibilities, but who now have to go back to normal duties?

The time to start thinking about those issues is now. And you need fresh eyes for this: this shouldn’t be an extra burden on your response team.

We are always happy to chat. Get in touch if you want to explore more about recovery for your organisation.

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