Introducing Alyssa Ryan

We recently welcomed Alyssa to the ResOrgs office. Alyssa has started in a University of Canterbury Post-Doctoral position and will be spreading her time across the UC Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering and our offices. She will be working on climate change risk assessment, community engagement, and adaptation planning as part of the collaboration between UC, ResOrgs and Buller District Council.

Below, Alyssa shares a bit about her background and life outside of work.

I am passionate about regional development and resilience and thrilled to be able to work in partnership with the Future Buller Team. I am wrapping up my PhD in Human Geography with the University of Otago, looking at the influence of small-town growth and communities’ sense of locality. I find it interesting how processes of change can strengthen community cohesion but also lead to tensions as we look toward an uncertain future. My PhD builds on aspects of my Master’s as I explored climate change adaptation planning and decision-making within a rural context. I am excited about the Post-Doc position as I get to connect both my areas of interest to look at regional climate change adaption with communities.

I have a social science background and have worked with various research institutions in Aotearoa. Some of my previous roles explored sustainable food and agriculture, urban regeneration, rural communities, and pro-environmental behaviour. Having an applied research focus, I enjoy working with interdisciplinary teams and engaging with stakeholders, communities, and other practitioners.

I am a South Islander and moved back to base myself here in Christchurch. For the past five years I have loved getting to know the city and the atmosphere surrounding the place. Outside of my academic and professional career, I enjoy a mixture of interests from cooking and gardening through to outdoor recreation, roller skating and aerials. I like to be active and have some adventures.

I am thrilled to work on the Future Buller project with UC Civil & Natural Resources Engineering in collaboration with ResOrgs and with the wider community!

Thanks Alyssa, we looking forward to having you in the ResOrgs office.

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