How different communities view building importance

Explore the results from our EQC-funded NZSEE Resilient Buildings Project.

Shannon Abeling from the University of Auckland has created this awesome MIRO board which summarises how different communities view different buildings; how important they are and how quickly they would ideally like to see them return to functionality after a major earthquake.  Feel free to drop a note on the discussion boards too.

The map that the results sit on was a core tool used in our focus group discussions. Focus group participants found the map and discussion really engaging.

Insights from our resilient buildings project

Over the past year, we’ve been working alongside the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering, with funding from the Earthquake Commission, to understand societal expectations for the seismic performance of buildings. 

In this series of posts, we explore some of our key findings in more depth to give some insight into what New Zealanders think about the performance of buildings in the event of an earthquake and the changes and decisions the country needs to make regarding our seismic engineering and building practices and the current regulatory regime.

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