EARTH EX - Global resilience exercise

The virtual multi-sector global resilience exercise EARTH EX opens on 21 August 2019 and remains open to participate in any time through to the end of October. The ResOrgs team have registered and will be taking part in this exercise. and we encourage organisations to register and take part.

What is it?

As a way to build resilience for large and small organisations, EARTH EX is a unique opportunity to test your response to a major power outage and better anticipate and prepare for such an event.

Our infrastructure is interconnected and interdependent. A major incident in one location can cascade rapidly and have an impact on critical infrastructure systems elsewhere, affecting their ability to function, to connect communities, provide essential services, or to protect society.

How well prepared are we as a society for such an event? How prepared is your organisation? How prepared are you?

As a multi-sector international exercise, EarthEX offers a scenario that contributes to a growing understanding about the interdependencies of your organisation and the wider impact on all of your stakeholders including your employees.

EARTH EX uses video simulations to set the scene for the exercise based around a real-world threat-based scenario.

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