Earth Ex 2019: Testing resilience planning

Want to test your resilience planning? Have a go at Earth Ex 2019.

This web-based exercise takes you through a Black Sky hazard scenario, testing your readiness and response plans. We recently did it and even though resilience is our core business, we still found it useful to test our planning and thinking. Earth Ex is free and can be done at an organisation, team, or individual level. It is open until 31 October 2019.

For us, the exercise highlighted the need for personal preparedness as a tool for strengthening organisational resilience. For the scenarios in this exercise, having home emergency supplies of water, food, and a contact plan for our families were critical to enable us to support ourselves, others, and our business.

The Earth Ex 2019 scenarios are severe but realistic and well presented. They are applicable regardless of your location. The exercise highlights the linkages between lifeline services and the cascading consequences when key services, such as electricity, are interrupted.

Aside from the obvious resilience preparedness benefits we also found it was a good team event. An opportunity for sharing ideas, reviewing our plans and refreshing some of the office emergency food supply by using it as snack food during the exercise.

Earth Ex 2019 is hosted by the Electric Infrastructure Security Council and sponsored by the Resilience Shift. A Black Sky Hazard is a catastrophic event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures in multiple regions for long durations.

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