COVID-19 business resilience resources

Helping organisations navigate through the impacts of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.
We understand the challenges many organisations are currently facing.
Having spent the past 15+ years researching and working with organisations preparing for, going through, and recovering from crises we are well placed to assist you at this time.
We can support you in continuing your day-to-day business, navigating through the recovery and improving your capability and confidence in managing the uncertainties ahead.

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How we can help

We can tailor a support package to your meet your needs and budget, and deliver it via Zoom video conference. Our services include:

  • Survival

    Review, evaluate and advise on your business response and recovery actions performed to date and those planned.

  • Recovery

    Providing a structure for you to make sense of the uncertain and changing business environment, and prioritise actions to thrive long-term.

  • Collaboration

    Identifying ways to help you work together with staff, customers, suppliers, and neighbouring businesses to recover together.

  • Capability Building

    Capturing your lessons learned in this crisis to ensure you are ready for future disruptions.

Online resources available

Below we have put together some of our key resources to help organisations through the COVID-19 crisis. We will be continuing to update this list as we move through the different stages of this crisis.

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