Business continuity planning for COVID-19

Essentials of operation

With COVID-19 rapidly evolving, organisations are turning their minds to business continuity. Many businesses are finding they are not well prepared and are seeking guidance or reassurance on how to prepare.

This guide is for organisations that do not have a Business Continuity Plan or want to update it for COVID-19. It is a starter guide to help you and your team to work through your priority operations and what is needed to keep them running.

This guide builds on our Business Continuity Planning Guide for Covid19.  If you have not already read it, we recommend you go there now, before continuing. In particular, the section on taking appropriate actions to reduce the risks to staff and customers is a first step in protecting your business and the wider community.

This guide can be adapted for different sizes and types of organisation. The first part of the guide focuses on keeping your core operations running.  The second part contains questions to guide your response to a decline in demand, loss of revenue, or increased costs.

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